Did you know that Abracadabra is an ancient word that was originally spoken as a powerful invocation of creative powers?

Sources say that Abracadabra is likely an Aramaic or Hebrew word that means: I create what I speak.

Abracadabra – I create what I speak.

You are a Creator. And as Creator, your words declare. Your words command. And whatever you speak, it becomes so.

That's also why prayers end with 'Amen'. It means: So be it. In other words: What I just said, so it is.

So the original meaning of Abracadabra is truly a magical spell that acknowledges you as the Magician, the Alchemist, the Master – the one who has the ability to shapeshift reality according to the wishes that you command.

Magic, or miracles, should be the norm in our lives. So common and normal to the point that the meaning of the word 'miracle' would lose all its value.

But the programming of the Matrix has long ago stripped most people of knowing this magical truth, and instead trained us to dismiss miracles as flukes, luck, coincidence, or even some kind of special blessing from a deity in the sky.

The Matrix has fully programmed us to forget, disown, and distrust our own Creator abilities. In other words, we've been brainwashed to give up our freedom and our sovereignty.

But just because we've given up our creative ability doesn't mean that it's gone. It's still right here with us – it never left. We've simply forgot that it's there. And it can be reintegrated back into your being with the simple choice of allowing it back.

This episode is about remembering and re-igniting the spark of your divine creatorship – your magicianship – into your human life.

It's about living deliberately and in conscious choice in each moment by simply being, and then allowing your life to unfold itself for you, through you, and as you.

Speak what you are, and it is so.