With the kickoff of Ash Wednesday last week, the Lent season is now in full swing. It's a time when Christians spend the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday in fasting, penance, and in reflection of the suffering, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of their savior, Jesus Christ.

This episode is my rant on Lent from a consciousness perspective without the blindfold of religion.

I talk about the distinction between the fictional Jesus of Nazareth of the Bible vs Jesus the actual man, whose real name is Yeshua. And more importantly, how Jesus is not the only Christ and son of God, because you, too, share that same title.

I continue my observations about the matrix of religion being a super mass consciousness that, when personally identified with, keeps you imprisoned in fear, smallness, and limitations – the opposite of freedom.

Religion – and Lent – focuses on sin. It teaches that you are a sinner who needs a savior to forgive and redeem your wickedness. It separates you from God, tricking you to think that God is outside of you and that you need to grovel and plead your way back to his good graces.

The reality is, there is no sin – it's a lie. There never was, never is, and never will be sin. How could there be sin if you are the Christ, God? If you're a sinner, then Christ, God, must also be a sinner. And that can never be.

This then means that forgiveness is also an illusion because God – All That Is – is without sin. And that which is without sin cannot know sin, and therefore cannot know or need forgiveness. And that is you also.

An awakened person who recognizes your divinity has no need for repentance, no need for salvation. You only job after knowing and accepting this truth is to now be the divinity, the Christ, that you are.

I end with a personal Ash Wednesday story that became a reminder for me on every Lent to remember the true focus of my life as an embodied divine being. That is: to be the love, to be the grace, and to be the Christ that I Am. And with the eyes of Christ, to also see the face of Christ in everyone that I meet.

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