After finishing Episode 4 "What Is Love?", I realized that I wasn't done with the subject of love. This is somewhat of a continuation of the previous session, but more of a rant on the state of love – specifically romantic love and marriage – in the Matrix.

Although loving relationships are one of the highest states of human experiences that are desired and sought after by the world, most people who sign on for it eventually end up feeling dissatisfied and trapped with all its controls and structures.

I talk about herd mentality of marriage and discuss the source of one of the biggest marketing coups created by the diamond industry to program couples into purchasing diamond engagement rings.

I also remark on the concept of value, money, and traditions as nothing more than belief systems that have no basis in reality.

I compare marriage to religion and their similarities in monopolizing love and spirituality respectively, when in fact they're absolutely unnecessary and often detrimental in experiencing and knowing the truth of one's Self. 

Finally, I offer some thoughts on how to begin the integration of true self-love that results in the enjoyment of truly genuine, loving, and lasting relationships with others – the kind that mutually and actively supports each other's Freedom.

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