The weather. It's always around. And there's no denying that it has a big influence on our daily lives.

Most people have strong habituated judgments about the weather without even being aware of it. They get swept into believing that it's somehow responsible for their state of mind, when in fact what they're experiencing is a projection of their own emotions, the 'weather' in their own minds.

Like any phenomenon, the weather in itself is completely neutral, blameless and innocent. By learning to release our programmed beliefs about the weather and seeing it for what it really is – neutral – we begin to build a firm foundation in developing the ability for true vision, which is to see all things as they are, not as they are perceived.

In this episode, I discuss how the weather 'out there' can be your good friend in helping you to remember your truth 'in here.' Always available for us to examine on a daily basis, the weather is one of the best practice subjects to help us understand how we create our own reality.

I also touch on the nature of emotions and the importance of awareness as your first step to freedom. 

Concepts such as 'creator vs victim', and 'response vs reaction' are also discussed as polarizing agents that either support or obstruct your shift into freedom.

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