Greetings to a joyful, abundantly creative new year!

The new year is a wonderful time to let go of the past that no longer serves you  and to reorganize your reality into one that aligns with your greatest good and desires.

But most people confuse their true, inspired (in-Spirited) desires for the outer desires of mass consciousness, and once again squander their time and energy in pursuit of meeting outer standards that are often completely opposed to their inner wants and needs.

As we start the new year, this episode discusses the only resolution worth keeping, the one decision that will transform your reality to reflect your true inner wishes as the Creator you are. And that choice is your willingness and determination to be you.

But as wonderful and simple as this sounds, the option to be yourself is often a very difficult and challenging choice to make from the human perspective. For one, this entails your leaving the familiar behind and going rogue.

I discuss the pros and cons of making this decision to be only you, as well as one particularly beautiful side effect that will truly make your efforts worth it for the greatest good of all.

Please enjoy.

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