Hello sovereign ones. I’m back after a long podfade, ready to start a new season on how to live our days in freedom and joy regardless of the appearances projected in the Matrix. I’m your host Alice Kim, and we continue on with Episode 18 called, “After the Red Pill, Now What?”

Since it’s been a while, I wanted to ease back in with a recap of the show’s primary focus – to remind you and myself why it’s important to address this, for us, and for the rest of the awakening planet. Then I’ll talk about what happens after you take the proverbial red pill – what options you have to choose from, and how one of the choices is the key to your complete release to freedom.


What I've Been Up To

Hey everyone. Welcome once again to the show. It’s good to be back. And for those of you who’ve been following since what I now like to call “Season One,” it’s great to have you back.

I do apologize for fading out for almost a year already since the last episode. I was only planning to take the summer off. But during that time, I started to get deeply involved in new passions and new projects – specifically in making and playing music – and basically lost track of time completely immersed in it and really enjoying myself.

Music was actually the perfect medium and learning device as I also spent much of the time off deeply connecting with, and communing with, my I Am – aka my Self. And from that, I feel that I’ve entered into a new level of awareness, and I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.

So here I am, back in my fabulous state-of-the art recording studio that is my walk-in closet, coming to you from my heart to yours, here in the heart of New York City.

First, let’s regroup with a brief review of what this show is about.


This Show Is about Freedom

Freedom. This show is about freedom. How to be free in a world that appears to be anything but. How to untangle and unplug from the almost impossibly intricate Matrix – web entangled within web of mass physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual control over our personal freedom, over our sovereignty.

I feel this oppression everywhere, in every corner of this shared reality called humanity. I overhear it in conversations; I sense it in people’s energies; I see it, smell it, and feel it everywhere. And of course, I feel in in my own mind and hear it in my own thoughts.

This forcefield envelops us and keeps us in place like gravity. And like gravity, we’re so accustomed to it that most people completely fail to recognize that it’s there, that there’s a constant pressure, that they’re surrounded and drowned by it, enslaved by it without even knowing it.

But not us, not you. Once you start to see it, it ceases to be invisible. And then you see it everywhere, in plain sight. Once you wake up, I’m happy to say, or is it rather, sorry to say, you can’t go back to sleep. Every one of you, at one level or another, have chosen to dip into the rabbit hole. And guess what Alice, you’re never going to come back out the same way again.

Alright, so I just sounded completely like Morpheus right now... the scene in the movie when he explains the Matrix to Neo when they first meet, right before he presents him with the choice between the red and blue pills. Here, take a listen…. 


I Woke Up, Now What? Choice 1: Raging Against the Machines

So like Neo, now that we’ve all done did swallowed the red pill. Now that you’ve gone down that rabbit hole. Now that you’ve woken up. Now that you’re beginning to see, smell, and touch the unreality, the untruth, of this binary program that we collectively thought into existence… What next? What you gonna do? What you gonna be? So you woke up. So what? Now what?

Several choices come to mind. 

One. You rage against the machines and become a freedom fighter – an interesting oxymoron, don't you think? You band together and battle against the machines, the power systems: the government, corporations, the military-industrial complex, the media, the Church, the Illuminati, the E.T.’s… all those that control, that hypnotize the population to blind compliance, and so often cleverly masked as if you actually had the freedom to choose your compliance. 

So you go out and fight the system, the darkness, the evil. The systems that destroy the planet and the human spirit for more power, more energy, more gain at the expense of the rest of us… those that perpetuate subjugation and suffering in your personal reality and in the collective’s.

Well, all I can say is: have fun with that, which I’m sure you will not, except become embroiled in more suffering and more drama and more resistance when what you really want from all this fighting is to be free from all that.

The more you focus on something, the more it becomes hardened and baked into your reality, because as a conscious creator, what you place your attention on becomes so. However, according to my observation of those just waking up, this militant phase seems to be an initial phase many of you will go through upon your awakening. Why? Because you’re pissed off that you were duped all this time, and I understand that you need a channel to let this out. I don’t blame you one bit. I’ve certainly been there, and I understand.

If this is where you’re at now, you’ll eventually graduate from this stage, although I can’t tell you when. You can stay here for a few years or for the rest of this lifetime and beyond until you’re ready to move on. I, nor anyone, am in any position to persuade you out of this until you come to the realization on your own.

Just know that it’s like a growing pain in the awakening process… like enlightened adolescence… and I don’t mean that in any disparaging way… it just seems to be a rite of passage for many of us before you realize that you can simply move beyond it. And then you’re gonna look back and say, “Dammit, what a waste of time all that fighting was.” But you know what, you’ll have to find that out for yourself, and that will only happen when you’re ready to find out.

And it shall pass, I assure you, but only when you’ve had enough. When you finally give up and say, “I’m done going to war.” Because this shit, the fighting, it never ends. Because as long as you want to fight, there will always be an opponent to pick a fight with. Someone will always be there who's ready and more than willing to fight you back.

Like Agent Smith. He'll never stop coming after you. In fact, he'll keep cloning himself. Everywhere you go, there he is. And you'll have to fight your way through every single time. It may feel like a different fight, but no matter what you think you’re battling, your opponent has essentially been the same all along.

And you will find yourself utterly exhausted and not any more free than when you started. Because there is no gain to be had from fighting, and what you think you gained from it, always comes with a cost. And anything that comes with a price obviously isn’t free.

But anyway, have a fun for now. And you will ultimately gain something precious from this experience, which is hard-earned wisdom, the kind that eventually takes you to delicious places.

So the first choice... raging against the machines, the power, corruption and lies (the title of a great New Order album, by the way)… getting caught up in conspiracies, and placing blame on the supposed abusers, the baddies, and getting really worked up about having been a victim… without seeing that you still are a victim as long as you keep acknowledging a power above you.

You’ll get over this, because you’ll find out that as long as you cede power to another, as long as you volunteer to be victim, then those you designated power to will always win you out, because victims always get the short end of the stick.


Choices 2 & 3: Like Morpheus or Like Neo?

Then there’s Choice #2: You are like Mopheus. You believe you can be free and you’re willing to do whatever it takes, but you don’t fully trust that you can do it alone. You rely on the oracle’s eyes instead of yours, you hang onto the promise of a savior, a messiah who will single-handedly invalidate your doubts and confirm your hopes, who will swoop in to help carry the load and guarantee your release for you.

Now about this. I just want to say, in addition to the obvious contradiction this means to being your own Master, it’s also a trap that many people who claim to have somewhat of a mastery fall right into over and over again.

The first thing many people do upon waking up is to walk away from their religion, which is a natural result of your expanded awareness. That part is obvious.

But what’s not so obvious to them is that they go straight from rejecting one form of organized religion or allegiance to a certain dogma right into yet another, albeit with a different flavor – this time the flavor of enlightenment or self-actualization instead of salvation – so passé, so last lifetime, huh? Now instead of some god in the sky who will redeem you, you grovel at the feet of gurus all googly-eyed in admiration and adoration.

The way I see it, Guru-worship is actually a huge step back from believing in a personal God because now you’ve gone from the idea of transcendence (as twisted as it was) to worshiping form, in the form of people – mortals who are just like you. You join ashrams, attend countless workshops, receive all kinds of empowerments and transmissions, hang onto everything they say and write. You might no longer read the Bible, but now you’ve replaced it with another book.

You get addicted to your new identity as a "seeker" and end up being a spiritual junkie. I can testify. I’ve been there, and I fell hard for it thinking that the high was real and I was actually getting free. Anyway, you get the picture. And definitely more on this later.

But this dovetails directly into a related trap, which is…

Choice #3: If Choice 2 was like being Morpheus, now you are Neo.

Here I’m going to assume that you understand my references from the movie, The Matrix. If you haven’t seen it, uhhh… where have you been... please go watch it.

So anyway, you are Neo. You may be rather reluctant about this, but you feel that you are somehow called to be a savior of some sort. You don’t necessarily feel like you have to be some global avatar, like a Jesus or Buddha figure, although some of you might… but mostly you feel like you’ve got some kind of responsibility to be a spiritual social worker. You want to save folks, because now that you can see, you see what’s good for them too.

So you become a missionary, you become a light worker… ughhh… I cannot stand that word, light worker… that is so old fucking energy... New Age... and I know you all know that that stuff (the New Age) gives me the heebs... all smug… so 70s....

Anyway, I ain’t got nothing against light. But if you’re not careful, the only thing that you’ll be busy working on as a light worker is to light up your own ego and think you’re better than everyone else. You know, because you’re sooo high frequency. What spiritual arrogance. What an asshole.

You take it upon yourself to carry the cross, to alleviate the suffering of mankind. You join prayer circles for world peace, or saving the dolphins, or whatever. You run around the world opening intergalactic portals on behalf of the world, like you’re some kind of Gandalf, and then you put on your Jesus hat and wave your hand around thinking you need to go around healing the sick and waking up the muggles.

And then you develop a huge chip on your shoulder because these people you’re trying to save keep laughing at you instead of dropping at your feet in awe and appreciation for your great service. You can kind of understand how Jesus might have felt – after all, you and JC have so much in common. He got laughed at and eventually nailed and tortured to death even after all those life-affirming miracles he performed – none of which you can do, by the way, but you secretly wish you could… just to show those ingrates what’s up.

On the flip side, though, you may be one of those kindly souls who cares so much about the world that you can’t bear to see the suffering all around you and volunteer to carry the cross for them. You want to help so badly that you want to give everything up to others first. You are a martyr. Well, sorry to break it to you man, woman… but that’s just about the most ignorant and egotistical thing ever. This is a whole discussion in its own right, so let’s also leave this here for another time.

Either end of the spectrum – the grand messiah or the Mother Theresa – are two faces of the same coin of saviorhood. I will say that being the savior – this 3rd choice – is more advanced than waiting for one… I mean, at least you’re willing to take things on by yourself and take full responsibility. It’s definitely in the right direction.

But come on now, honestly, get over yourself. No one needs you to save them. What they need is for you to honor them as they are, and to acknowledge the I AM of each, the perfection, their divine heritage that you, them, and I… we all share equally. No one is higher or lower than the other. We are that we are. Together, equally.


Choice 4: Self-Reliance

So this nicely leaves us with Choice Four: You save yourself. You stop fighting the demons that are your creations to begin with, that you imagined into existence, much like Don Quijote tilting away at windmills, thinking he’s in a real battle. But that battle only exists in your mind.

You also know better now than to look for something, someone outside of yourself to do it for you, giving up your throne, your sovereignty, your mastery to another. You’re also so focused and desirous of coming back to your individuality, your indivisibility, your completeness, that you no longer concern yourself with fracturing parts of you to break off and give away to patch up everyone else’s incompleteness – and especially when they never wanted nor asked for your help in the first place.

If you want to change your world and your conditions, you need to change yourself. If you want to master your world, you need to master yourself. Healer, heal thyself. Know thyself.

I’m not saying to stop helping others. But as with the safety instructions you get before taking off on a plane... when there is a disturbance in the cabin pressure and the oxygen masks drop down, please be sure that you help yourself first before you assist other passengers. Because if don’t, you’ll be dead, and a dead one can’t save the life of another. 

The phrase that pays, the line that I always repeat, is “As Within, So Without.” Don’t worry about others, they are awesome creators in their own right, just like you. They’re having a ball getting exactly what they want. It’s not up to you to change any of it. All you need to be concerned with is your own clarity and your own accurate understanding of your own truth that pertains to your own reality. You need to come correct with yourself only.

Ironically, that's actually the only way for you to ultimately save the world. Not because it’s your job to save the world, but because it is inevitable that your conscious cultivation of light and wisdom and love can’t help but to shed its fragrance and radiance onto those that behold you when it is their time to want what you have.

Hold your own, work on yourself. And those who are ready to be free also will come to you and ask for your assistance when they are ready – in their own time, not yours. Until then, be a dear and don’t be a missionary. We all know what good that’s done for the world. Help only yourself for now. You’ll have plenty to work with as it is. The others who want your help – they will come – but they will come to you on their own, in their own time.


Your Journey toward Release

I said this last choice is about saving yourself. But in truth, this word, saving, is a completely and wildly inappropriate term for a sovereign being such as you and I. Why the fuck would you need saving when you are free? Hmm?

When you woke up, you woke up to the fact that you are free, always have been. The issue we’re dealing with now is not that we aren’t free, but that we still think that we are not free. And as this is a matter of erroneous perceptions, our only work, then, is to free our mind.

So, it’s not really saving yourself so much as releasing yourself from your self-created distortions and limitations to reveal your limitlessness, to know what you really are. It’s about minding your own business and tending to your own reality garden, your own mind. Trust me, and you know this, you have got more than enough shit to deal with in your own world.

So don’t even go there with other people’s realities. Just don’t. We’re all here to find our own way out of 3rd dimension, and we’re all going to do with in our own way, in our style. So please have compassion and allow others to go on with their own ideas on how they wish to discover their true nature. That is not for you nor I to meddle in.

I consciously made a commitment to know myself in December of 2005. I will never forget that day, because I received a very clear response from my reality immediately after that decision, which I’ll share with you one day. And yet, a decade into this, the majority of it was spent on the other previous choices. Not until recently, a couple of years ago, have I realized how I’ve delayed my own release to my truth.

This delay was only a handful of years, a blip in the context of eternity – and eternity, by the way, has no concept of time. This is not to mention all the hundreds, thousands of lifetimes I’ve probably been at this. And very likely, so have you, my dear old kindred souls. But as long as we are still here, time is indeed a reality, one of the very identifiable characteristics of this particular density we're in.

You each have all the time in the world to work on your release. Time is not going to run out. It’s here, as a tool, serving you, waiting for you, to liberate yourself. And once your work is done... the reason why we're all here – to consciously know the truth of what we are – then at that point, time will vanish because it would no longer have any purpose.

The reason why I make time an issue is because… and I don’t know about you... but I am ready to make this my last lifetime. And because of that, I’m not in any mood to fuck around or dilly-dally. I mean business!

So a few years of distractions here and there… ok, fine. But I’m just saying, if left unchecked, it could keep you distracted for lifetimes. But then again, it's up to you to choose how slow or fast you want to go.

This is why I suggest you move straight into this last choice and bypass the others before it – if you so choose. If not, at least you’re aware of the pitfalls and can catch yourself sooner than later. There’s no wrong or right way to go about this, but it behooves you to be aware. 

I created this show to help you save some time in this awakening thing, to tell you about all the traps I fell into and the long-ass detours I had to make up for all the things I kept on tripping over, so you can get to your release faster and smoother than I did. But I also know that your path is your path, as mine is mine, and all I can do is put the information out there, on an on-demand basis, for you to take as you see fit.

This journey is about your freedom, and to be free, you can’t rely or lean on anything or anyone. Your full responsibility and ownership of yourself is an exact requirement, not an option.

You absolutely have to do it alone, but help is available if you prefer a little support along the way. I’m one of many. All I’m doing is leaving it out here in this little pocket of the Matrix I created, for anyone who’s looking for a signpost, a little breadcrumb left by someone who’s been here before, that says, “Hey, fellow traveler, you’re on the right track and you are certainly not alone. And by the way, if you’re up for it, here’s an optional goody bag I’ve left for you with a few tools that can help your ride a little smoother. This is what has helped me, and maybe it’ll help you too.”

So if you’re listening to this and somehow found me, stumbled in here amid this vast ocean of thousands of podcasts... in this dimension called the internet... if you're listening right now, that's because there was something that you require in your journey today that I can provide. It’s not a coincidence.

Think of this show as an inter-dimensional information kiosk, or a filling station for you to cool your engines, get your bearings strait, and fill up on what you need for your next destination. Take whatever looks good, sounds good, and leave the rest... or save it for later when the time is right. You’re the only one who knows exactly what you need.

I want to approach this season a bit more methodically than I have before in that I want to be good on my word from the last episode where I left you all hanging... when I promised to offer practical tools to navigate your release from the Matrix, to be free. Free to be what you are. I have left you hanging for far too long already. So let us proceed swiftly.

I’ve gone much too long today, but I do want to keep most upcoming episodes at about 15 minutes or so, 20 tops... I say that now (laughing). Apologies for getting a little long-winded here today. But it’s been a while, and there's been much to say.

I’d like to add one more thing: I talk about these choices, how one can be more constructive than the rest. But know this: there is no right or wrong way to do this. You can never make a mistake, nor can you do anything to harm yourself along the way. It is impossible to harm yourself, if you know what you are and what you came from.

Just know and be comforted that all of your experiences have been requested by your fully awake Self. It's all been finely and custom-orchestrated to serve you, to support you, to carry you to your realization. You cannot take a wrong turn. There is no such thing as a bad choice, a mistake. This was all deliberate, all there to provide the experience you need for your own wisdom, to know your own truth. Be glad for it.

So let me sign off by saying this: Thank you. Thank you for your decision to wake up, and to stay awake. Your part – your conscious contribution – is currently elevating humanity as we transition from a self-imposed slave race to a family of fully-realized sovereign beings.

Toward that end, we don’t need any more wars... we don’t need a messiah, nor do we need to be the messiah – we’ve had all of that for as long as we’ve been here and they have not worked. Not only have they not worked – never worked! – they were destructive. They are old, they are tired, and totally unworkable. It is time now to bring in the new consciousness, the new energy, and I’m happy to say that it is already happening. And that you, me, we are all on this leading edge of this much-needed expansion.

And that’s where you come in, and why your work toward your own mastery is so important for the rest of us. What we need now are Standards. Standards who can be who they are with zero compromise, who can shine their own light in their own right. Never borrowed, never shared, never imitated, but always self-generated and self-sustained entirely from the limitless source of your eternal validity, your Self.

So in the coming episodes, I’ll attempt to share what I can put in words tools that you can use to begin gently releasing and undoing – one by one – the cables that keep us plugged into bondage. All without struggle, without fighting, without hoping to be saved, without needing to save, without having to gnaw at the cables like a panicked rat trapped in a cage.

Instead, we’ll come to our own gracefully, with poise and ease, and with an authority that befits the divine being, the eternal spirit that you are. We’ll take the easy way, the path of least resistance, the path of joyful release into your freedom. And if you like to travel fast, I just may know of a few wormholes to point you to.

That’s all for today. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your contribution, the contribution of your high-frequency consciousness in creating a more awake planet.

Every one of you plays an integral part in moving the needle ever closer to the release from fear and control, and in lighting the way back to the total safety and freedom of Love.

I’m your host Alice Kim. Peace and joy unto you. Be well, because all is well – that is no platitude; I fucking mean that. Good to be back with you. Ciao.