Our ideas of ourselves are heavily fed by stories of what the world thinks we are and ought to be. It’s time to stop believing in the hearsay of what we think we are and to actually know who we are. And the first step to living the truth of who you are is to give yourself permission to be who you are.


Thanks tuning in. I'm your host Alice Kim, and this is Episode 13 titled “Be Who You Are.”

Do you live your life as who you really are or who you think you are? Do you think you are or do you be you are? Each is a choice, and what you choose either keeps you stuck in the Matrix, or sets you free.

So what’s it gonna be?

Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

Let me ask you: Who the hell do you think you are?

Sound familiar?

Isn’t that what the world asks you every time you open up a bit and try to be who you are? And if you’re honest enough, isn’t that what you ask yourself every time you feel inspired to move out of your complacency and into something that expresses who you are in a much grander way?

Who the hell do you think you are?

It’s a rhetorical question that doesn’t ask you for your input, nor for your answer. It’s something that you're told. It’s a hypnotic statement disguised as a question and thrown at you to keep you from knowing who and what you are.

It’s a coded phrase that’s loaded with a program that works like a switch to turn you right off as soon as you’re switched on and turned on to the spark of your true nature, which is limitlessness, freedom, peace and joy.

Instead, the energy from this one single phrase – Who do you think you are?... or Who do I think I am? – it’s enough to short-circuit and fry your mind with a painful jolt as punishment and reminder of how you’re not good enough and not deserving enough of anything more than what you think you are and where you think you are today.

Who do you think you are?

It’s a question that keeps you from ever questioning. It’s a hypnotic overlay that shuts you up, shuts you down, and keeps you imprisoned and stuck in your thinking mind so that you continue to keep identifying yourself as what you’re told to think you are. 

Thinking about a thing, my friends, has nothing to do with knowing a thing. To say that you think this or think that, is just admitting that you don’t know shit.

And here we are, believing in all the things that we’ve been told by what others think of us – which is really them telling you what they think of themselves – and then your mistaking this thinking that’s not even yours as your knowing of who you are.

And none of this would matter except for one thing – in that as long as you believe in who you think you are, you’re not living as yourself. And if you’re not living as yourself, who’s life are you living?

Be as You Are

The Matrix is a creation of your mind. No matter what it looks like, there’s nothing 'out there' forcing you to be, do or have anything more than what you choose. It’s all your choice. And that’s the good news as well as the bad news – and that, too, depends on how you choose to see it.

You either think it or know it. They’re mutually exclusive and you can’t be both. As long as you think it, you can’t know it. And when you know it, there's nothing more to think about. It just is.

I think therefore I am.

Bull fucking shit. Thinking about something is not knowing a thing, and thinking what you are is not knowing what you are.

So do you choose to live as what you think you are, the digital image that you created with mind, like a character in a video game that can only do certain things based on the rules of the game set by an existing program? Or do you choose to beak out of the self-imposed Matrix, to go beyond to know yourself in your totality as embodied divinity, as God knowing Itself as you?

Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to be as you are?

Instead of asking ourselves, “Who do I think I am?” Instead of doubting ourselves, belittling ourselves, judging ourselves to be the stories we make ourselves up to be – all the I-am-nots – what would it be like to ask instead, “What do I know myself to be?”

And being what I Am, how would I like to live as I Am?

Your Permission to Be Who You Are

Be as you are.

Give yourself your own permission now, which is to say just choose now, to be the Sovereign being that you are.

Be as you are. Be Free.

Haven’t you lived long enough confined in a box, forcing yourself to follow rigid rules and beliefs that were set by others and have nothing to do with you, that doesn’t serve you in any way?

It’s time to stop thinking about who you think you are, and choosing to know what you are. Instead of choosing to continue to be cut down and held down by thoughts of “Who do I think I am?”, choose now instead, “I know what I Am. I be what I Am. I Am That I Am.”

Allow yourself the permission to be who you are. Your own permission is all it takes.

Regardless of what it looks like and what you thought, there’s no one out there that you need permission from. There’s no hall monitor out there who’s patrolling your life ready to take you in and write you up and punish you for leaving your little box, your little cell of self-imposed limitations, “Now wait a minute here, you’re way out of place. Where do you think you’re going? What do you think you’re doing? Who the hell do think you are?”

But it’ll still feel like it, and the little patrol man nonetheless is going to show up until you finally decide, “No more.” Until you fully become all that you are. And that could take a little time. :)

Until then, trust yourself. Be true to yourself. Be a little more courageous in honoring yourself every day by being yourself and standing up for yourself, even if it’s a little scary at first. It’s only scary because it’s new. And after you do it and find out how supportive it all is – to be what you are, to be who you are – you’ll have more certainty in being more of yourself.

And that’s how you build confidence.

Confidence: Boldly Trusting Who You Are

Confidence isn’t puffing or pumping yourself up. It’s not about building yourself up to look like you’re more than you are. That’s just a reaction to cover up the fact that you don’t trust yourself.

True confidence is actually a stripping away of all the I-am-nots until you’re only left with what’s real and true to you, to what you are.

The word confidence comes from Latin that means to have full trust, to boldly trust. And trusting in your true essence, your Presence, is a bold move that most humans aren’t ready to do… just yet. They’re too focused on the making the Matrix real, the mind real, to make thinking real – they’re still enjoying the game.

Start with a Cup of Coffee

I was at a diner yesterday with a friend, Agota.

There was Greek coffee on the menu which she never had, so she decided to order it and give it a try. After a couple of sips, she decided that she didn’t like it – not so much how the coffee was prepared, but the quality of it. I also tried some and it tasted like hot dishwater was poured over old coffee grinds.

She was hesitant at first, but decided to send it back and exchanged it for a regular cup of coffee. She said to me, “You know, in the past, the old me wouldn’t say anything about the coffee because I didn’t want to cause a stir. I’d just deal with it even if I wasn’t happy with the food or service. But these days, I’ve been emboldening myself to be more of myself and ask for what I want.”

And that touched me very deeply.

I say always ask for what you want, even if it’s over a cup of coffee. That seemingly little incident over a cup of coffee may have not been a big deal to someone else, but it was huge to her. It elevated her level of trust in taking her seat as her I Am to a new level. It helped build up her confidence in herself.

Are you afraid to say something or do something because you fear it will disrupt the system? Because you're afraid that it might rock the boat?

As long as you're aware and honest with yourself and say and act in full integrity and pure intentions, go ahead and disrupt. Go ahead and rock the damn boat!

Why? Because the world is full of fear and people are waiting for someone else to go first and let them know that it’s okay to be who they are. And no word or act is too small for the opportunity to build up your own confidence – that bold trust in Self – in not only yourself, but to be the wayshower for others to follow suit. To tell others that it's okay to be who they are.

Once again, "Who the hell are you?"

To that, you can now answer, "I Am That I Am." 

You Are That You Are.

Now boldly go and BE THAT YOU ARE.