This episode takes a step back to discuss the theme of this show, which is about the Matrix and, specifically, about disconnecting from it.

There are many layers to the Matrix, but simply put, it's an illusory construct of mass consciousness belief systems. These are group beliefs that come from 'out there': from family, friends, society, culture, religion, education, politics, science, media, and the list goes on.

The Matrix is made up of beliefs, and all beliefs are untrue. It's a blueprint of lies that you downloaded into your consciousness to create your world. A world where most of us trudge through amid self-created limitations, fear, dissatisfaction and lack because we've bought into the crap stories, the crap counterfeit software bootlegged from other people’s minds.

From a very young age, these mass beliefs program your mind and turn you into a robot. They're like viruses that take over your mind and dictate how to view life and live life.

Basically, the Matrix is all the shit that’s not yours.

They're the I-am-not's that perpetuate the illusory dream and keep you from knowing what's real. They pollute your mind and hold you back from realizing your birthright to live out your passion and joy as your I Am.

The Matrix is like a thick layer of heavy dense clouds that blocks you from seeing and feeling the warmth, clarity and brightness of the ever-present light of your Presence.

Here's the thing though...

Beyond all the various levels, or Matrices, that appear to be coming from the outside and subjecting you with its programs, agendas and viruses, there's only one Matrix you need to focus on, and that’s the Matrix of your own mind.

Upon closer examination, the Matrix is not 'out there'. The Matrix is within – within your mind. And in order to initiate disconnection, the release must come from within. 

You see, no matter how powerful or hypnotic the beliefs in the Matrix 'out there' appear to be, none of them can have any affect on you unless you choose to make them true and make them real for yourself.

Yes, you may have originally taken on suggestions from the outside, but ultimately, there's only one way to bring those ideas to play out in your reality, and that's to make them your own.

The fact remains that no matter how things look, you're always the creator of your reality, and a conscious creator must accept full responsibility as having at some point chosen – consciously or unconsciously – everything he or she experiences in life. 

You're either a creator or you'e a victim. And if you choose creatorship, you need to lay aside all victimhood, including dismantling, or uncreating, all the things that you aren't and that aren't yours. 

All these I-am-not's are part of the Matrix, and none of it is real. And because what's not real is nothing, the best way to disconnect is to see it for what it is – nothing – and make the conscious choice to simply and gracefully let all the shit go.