Anxiety – what is it and what can you do about it?

Anxiety is a state of being in constant worry, distress, nervousness, fear, or any negative emotion, often about an unknown future situation.

Anxiety is insanity – it's a mental disorder, an imbalance of the mind. The crazy thoughts that populate your mind are like the lunatic inmates who've run amok and have taken over the asylum. This chaos then becomes the experience of your reality.

The Matrix of the mind is like a labyrinth in a fun house that keeps you lost, confused, and in terror of what's ahead, what's around the corner. And just when you finally turn the corner to be relieved that there was nothing behind it, you're faced again with yet another corner, another dead end, another unknown threat in the horizon.

Anxiety is the constant suspense of not knowing how to get out of this labyrinth, with the underlying fear that something's hiding in the shadows to nip at your ankles and trip you up at any moment.

Anxiety comes from mind, and you are not your mind.

This preoccupation, this focus on identifying with the reality of your anxiety – your insane mind – is the trap that distracts you from knowing your true nature, your true Self, which is the sanity and clarity of pure knowing Presence.

I discuss the mechanism of thought and mind, on how they're nothing more than replays of the past. This in turn recreates more of your past into the present and the future. That's why most people feel as if they're running their lives on a hamster wheel – reliving more of the same-old same-old, day in and day out, year in and year out.

So if you want to experience newness and tap into new potentials and possibilities, you must begin to release the stronghold of your mental preoccupations and learn to let go of self-negating thoughts and emotions. In other words, you disconnect from the focus on the past and reconnect to a new focus on the Now.

Finally, I share a simple and effective method for releasing anxiety and any strong thoughts, emotions and mental disturbances permanently. You do this by inviting in, then allowing, the thoughts and emotions to run its course within your body and being.

You can say that you're literally eating anxiety for breakfast!