This episode was inspired by the story of my friend Linda's 9 year-old son, Dylan.

It's a story that all of us can relate to about a time when we were young and free to dream to be, do, and have anything we imagined.

But as we grew up, our parents and other authority figures, along with the rest of the world – often with loving intentions – quickly eroded the certainty and joy we once had of our limitlessness.

Soon we were pegged into a small place of not-good-enough, not-smart-enough, not-whatever-enough to be, do, and have it all.

We were told to stop dreaming, to stop following our heart, and eventually to change our tune from the ecstatic knowingness of "Yes I Can!" to the dejection of "No... I can't."

Instead of the sovereign's joyful be-do-have formula of creating the life of our choosing in grace and ease, we were mandated the rigid, difficult, arduous and so-often disappointing rule of have-do-be – the Matrix's way of guaranteeing that we stay limited, resigned, and in fear of our own power, strength, and ability as Creators.

This episode is about reclaiming our birthright as the unlimited Creators that we intuitively knew to be when we were Dylan's age.

It's about restoking the inner fire – the passion of our being – the embers that, although now just a faint soft glow, have nonetheless never been extinguished.

Be-do-have is the advanced technology of living in the grace of our true nature.

It's living the I Am That I Am – our only true reality.

The road to success and the road to happiness are two lanes of the same highway. All the toll you must pay is simply being true to yourself.
— Unknown